A Planned Giving Marketing Expert You Can Trust

  • Best speaker. Pace and presentation was fantastic full of good information with good humor.
  • Excellent! And I’ve been doing this for a long time!
  • Speaker is clearly in-the-know.
  • More time for questions. Great job. Best of the day by far.
  • Excellent.
  • Sense of humor/frankness.
  • Facts and energy and humor.
  • Best presenter – entertaining, dynamic, wanted it to go on. Get him back
  • Best presentation of entire conference!!! You could run this during each session.
  • This was fantastic.
  • Excellent speaker, layman terms to the point.
  • Simple sound bites.
  • Quick wit; entertaining and informative.
  • Please offer this again. Best session of the conference.
  • Excellent, engaging presentation!
  • Saved the best for last.
  • Straightforward and honest.
  • Excellent for the last presenter of the day.
  • Felt a bit ADHD, though very funny.
  • Very nice that he provided fee PG pocket guides.
  • High energy! Funny but learned a lot at the same time.
  • Entertaining and engaging very informative and kept my attention.
  • Humorous presentation, humility, willing to say “I don’t know.”
  • Myth busters – fun.
  • Very interesting and clearly very bright presenter but his mouth can’t keep up with his brain sometimes.
  • Well presented info. Very funny and enjoyed.
  • Very informative. Very lively.
  • You have a great sense of humor.
  • Appreciated the high energy.
  • Very entertaining. Great information of PR I would have liked to hear more about the nuts and bolts about planned giving.
  • A quirky different approach which I loved.
  • So refreshing to hear “Don’t explain it all”.
  • Best presentation.
  • Too cool!
  • Good session – fun and funny, light-hearted look at serious topics.

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