A Planned Giving Marketing Expert You Can Trust

Viken at-a-glance

Viken is not a planned giving expert. So do not expect to hear the word CRAT out of  his lips. Viken is a planned giving marketing expert. The two run parallel but are distinct, like a CPA and an attorney.


In fact, Viken and his team at PlannedGiving.com don't understand why some nonprofits use attorneys to market planned gifts. You wouldn’t go to an accountant for legal advice, and you wouldn’t ask a lawyer to generate a Profit and Loss statement. And you wouldn't go to an architect to get your teeth cleaned! Oddly, most planned giving vendors are attorneys — people who are good at law but not marketing. As staff attorney and consultant, Camilyn Leone, says: “When it comes to marketing advice, the last person you should turn to is an attorney. I should know. I'm an attorney.”


After hammering his keep-it-simple marketing message for two decades, Viken is now considered a thought leader in our industry. A repetitive, occasionally obnoxious thought leader perhaps, but a thought leader nonetheless!


Actually, to those who think he’s repetitive, we’d like to point out that he has changed his keep-it-simple message. Viken now says:


Don’t simplify. Over-simplify™.


It's human nature to complicate, and we all need this reminder.

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